Betex WSPM30 workshop press, hand or foot operated - 30 T. 
This robust hydraulic workshop press are suited for professional assembly work, or for professional testing of a wide range of components. It is used for pressing, straightening, bending, punching, assembly, disassembly, etc. The piston is easy to operate using the hand pump. While operating the press, operation can be switched from hand pump to foot pump.
• High quality! The robust steel frame is welded for maximum stability and a long life span.
• The worktable offers easy height adjustability.
• Extremely suitable for high-precision work.
• Chrome-plated piston with automatic return.
• Single-acting and spring-return cylinder can be moved horizontally on the upper frame.
• Includes gauge for exact press force readings.
• Includes a set of V adapters.

Technical details:
• Capacity: 30 ton
• Max pressure: 374,6 bar
• Piston stroke: 160 mm
• Oil tank capacity: 1,65 liter
• Fixed cylinder: No
• Movable cylinder: Yes
• Work surface width: 565 mm
• Work surface height: Adjustable

• Weight: 165 kg

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OUTLET PRIS: 18 000 kroner eks. mva.
Veiledende pris: 35 585 kroner eks. mva.

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