Pegas Gonda 300x320 SHI-LR semi automatisk sag.
Basic equipment of machine:
• The blade leading in guides with hardmetal plates and leading bearings and along cast iron pulleys.
• There is a guide situated on the firm beam on the drive side. On the tightening side there is the guide situated on the moving beam.
• The guide beams of moving band guide is adjustable. Manual adjustment and fixing of the guide beams.
• The beam of the guide is moving in sliding leading.
• The saw-band is equipped with a guard, which protects the operator from millings and cutting emulsion.
• Mechanic tightening of the blade.
• Automatic indication of blade tension.
• A passive driven cleaning brush for perfect cleaning and function of blade.
• Drive of machine is solved by worm gear box with maintenanceless oil filling. Three-phases electromotor with double winding, with a frequency converter for a fluent regulation of the blade speed from 20 to 100 m/min. Sturdy flange with shaft. Termoprotection of engine.
• The cooling system distributes cutting emulsion to the band guides.
• Massive base with a tank for chips. Base is designed for manipulation manipulation with machine by pallet truck and also by any hight lift truck.
• Indication of blade tightening and opening of the cover.
• Controlling 24 V.
• Maschine is equipped with hydraulic system which controles all functions of that maschine. It pushes the arm to cut, pulls up the arm and opens and closes vices.
• Band saw blade.
• Set of spanners for common service.
• Manual instructions in eletronic form (CD).

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Cooling:0,03 kW
Cutting speed:20-100 m/min
Diameter of the blade:3660x27x0,9 mm
Distributor:0,25 kW
Drive of the blade:2,4 kW
Drive of the hydraulic agregate:0,44 kW
Electric connection:3x400V, 50 Hz, TN-S
Pump of the cooling emulsion:0,09 kW
The shortest cutting:3 mm
The shortest rest durring one cut:30 mm
The smallest divisible diameter:5 mm
Total input:6,5 kW