Ercolina Top Bender TB130 rørbøyemaskin.

• Ideal for producing consistent quality ends with large diameter pipe, tube, squares, rectangular, solids and other profiles
• Strong cast iron design matched with high precision planetary reducer insures quality, repeatable bends for year to come
• Interactive PLC touch screen control offers easy access to auto and manual operating modes, programming, system
• Diagnostics and multiple language capability
• Programmable bend angles 0° to 180°, up to 12 bends per program
• Independent springback compensation for each bend
• USB port for software updates and unlimited program storage
• Digital display of counter bend die axis and bend angle
• Hand-held remote control for bend, return and emergency stop functions
• Auto load sensing improves bend productivity while protecting machine components
• Bends to CLR as small as 2D
• No hydraulic components, reducing cost and improving bend accuracy

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Dimensions:850x850x1200 mm
Flection modulus:80 cm³
Max center line radius (CLR):700 mm
Min center line radius (CLR):36 mm
Power:3,5 kW
Voltage requirements:400 V/3 Ph, 50-60 Hz
Weight:400 kg