Ercolina MediBender MB42 rørbøyemaskin.

• Mild steel tube capacity 42 x 3 mm
• 1 1/4” Gas inches (3.5 mm) capacity
• Square tube capacity 35 x 35 x 3 mm
• Maximum CLR 260 mm
• Bend to CLR as small as 2 x Ø
• Touch screen control o_ers easy access to auto and manual operating modes, programming, system diagnostics and multiple language capability
• Patented quick-change tooling system with multiple radii available
• Portable model available
• Single Bending Speed
• Overload System Control
• Foot switch control
• Single and three phase models available

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Dimensions:400x1000x570 mm
Flection modulus:4 cm³
Max center line radius (CLR):260 mm
Min center line radius (CLR):10 mm
Power:1,5 kW
Voltage requirements:220-400 V/1-3 Ph, 50-60 Hz
Weight:80 kg