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Set of bearing pulling and extracting tools. 
For pulling bearings, gears and discs and for extracting interior bearings, outer bearing rings and bushings. 

- For automotive repairs and servicing.

- Set contains external pullers, internal extractor, counter supports and pulling device chuck.

- The 2-shell design with extra large grasp edges ensures safe extraction.

- Practical package for universal use.

- Variable reach thanks to jaw extensions, available up to a puller size of -30.

- Suitable for pulling asymmetric workpieces.

  • Spindle head band prevents the wrench from slipping off.
  • Cross-beam, up to size -30, includes hexagonal profile for holding.
  • KUKKO internal extractors can be combined with counter supports and slide hammers.
  • Almost all components available as replacement parts, time-saving order process thanks to numbering system.
  • Hydraulic spindle series 8-0 for particularly tight parts, available from a particular puller size.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic ram series 9 for particularly tight parts, can be used from a particular puller size.

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